S. Paul Horsley

S. Paul Horsley is a professional airline pilot and flies for one of the largest major airlines in the world. He is an authorized Infinite Banking Practitioner through the Nelson Nash Institute and a licensed life insurance agent who specializes in the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC).  

In his first book he takes the reader through the journey of how he and his family discovered and then implemented the simple IBC system.  He reveals how the current monetary system works and why it is set up for us to not be the winner.   

After discovering the Infinite Banking Concept and having years of first hand experience with it, he decided to share it with friends. Soon after the realization that the system began changing not only his own family’s life; but also the financial destinies of those he shared it with, he decided to take the necessary steps to learn everything possible and to share his knowledge to those looking for an alternative to the current chaotic money system.

In his first book he shares exactly how the IBC system works and the necessary steps to implement it. He took great measures to make the book easy to read and understand.

He and his wife are parents of three children and reside in Hudson, Wisconsin.


Why the Rich Don’t Die Broke
The Financial Prodigy’s Secret of the Wealthy