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Do you have money in the stock market or other investments? Have you ever LOST money in any investment?

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The Financial Prodigy's Secret of the Wealthy

It tells you how how you could avoid the risk of losing your money!

Why You Want This Book

Can you see the difference between the two charts below?  

In this book you learn how to avoid all the worries of stock market volatility (left hand chart) and how to sleep well because of a secure future (right hand chart)!

Look, I know how it is. You’ve seen ads like mine before. Maybe you’re thinking, “is this really as outstanding as it seems?!”

The answer is ... NO. 

It's Even Better.

Here’s why:

This isn’t some “rah rah” Book where you get a bunch of hyped up “motivation” and then leave empty handed. 

Heck - you’re already motivated! Otherwise, you wouldn’t be at this page! 

Here’s Exactly What We’ll Be Doing

Regardless of age or financial situation, you will learn how to have the:

  • Use of Uninterrupted Compound Principle, Interest & Dividends 24/7/365 for life
  • Ability to “reuse” your money over and over, yet without losing any of the above 
  • Ability to Shield your money from the stock market and all its losses 
  • Ability to Shield your money from taxation on all your gains within the system
  • Predictable growth in addition to all other investments 
  • Ability to capture all current and future “interest” and debt from all sources
  • Create a multi- generational financial fortress while using your own money, daily
  • Enjoyment of one of the most secure ways to keep your money safe
  • Full and 100% access to you money with no hidden fees or penalties. 
  • Ability to overcome both Inflation and Deflation
  • Ability to invest/use your money in anything you choose once the system is in place
  • Legal way to pass money on to your heirs “tax free” regardless of political office
  • Way to shield your money from virtually all financial risk 
  • Ability to utilize the same monies as you do today, just thinking differently
  • Information the affluent people, politicians, high end bankers, and executives use
  • System that has a proven track record dating back more than 200 years
  • Ability to overcome so much more…

I started to study the habits of millionaires and I realized that they shared a few things in common. There exists a success formula, it’s already created!


So I dedicated my study to learning their formula. I started to apply it.

...And the rest is history :-)


Once you have that, you’ll start looking at your money in an entirely new light.


You will find yourself with more confidence, more clarity in the system, and you will be able to act faster with less doubt, stress, or confusion.

You’ll learn the TRUTH about money, how the banking system works and the Big Myth revealed about retirement plans like IRA’s and 401K’s and annuities.

I’ll tell you now - and this will become crystal clear as you read.

Here it is. 

The Truth About Money:


Here’s what I mean...


You know how most people in this country don’t understand how the monetary system works, don’t understand the stock market, they simply hope something will change and things will get better?

A staggering amount of people are stressed and worried over their finances, their retirement, their families. I'd say the number is HUGE. 

Interestingly, most people do secretly suspect that there must be some better system out there. If only someone would simply give them the road map or the plan of action.

Would it be okay with you if you were able to recapture the interest you pay out on things you buy? So, instead of interest charges going to a credit card or a lender, they were coming back to you…. would that be helpful?  

How about all the taxes we spend our money on? Do you feel like others who barely make a gain on their investments and cannot get ahead because taxes erode any significant growth? Would you like to overcome giving so much of your hard earned money away to the government… legally, like the rich and the politicians do?

Well, if YOU have that desire, I've learned the blueprint to make this a simple process for you.  

But it only works if you Take Action..


Because knowledge without action is simply a dream.

In “WHY THE RICH DON”T DIE BROKE!” I deliver both the road map and the secrets of the highly successful. You will be intrigued to learn the concept which has been around for 200 years. Literally!!!

The cool thing is, you just need to learn this system, using the same money you already use, just using it a different way.

I’m talking about the money you either currently earn or already have. Once you have this simple system in place, you can use it to buy a new car, pay for college, go on vacation, have for retirement and so much more. Anything you want. It’s your money. Use it over and over and over!

And here’s the thing.

It doesn’t matter what the economy is doing, good or bad. This system will not be affected in the most prosperous times or in the most horrific times. People who use this system have never lost a cent when the stock market lost value. (You’ll see why I say this in “WHY THE RICH DON”T DIE BROKE!”.).

Sure, you’re seeing “doom and gloom” in the news but there’s another side they’re NOT showing you. I know you’re working your life away just hoping it’ll end well.

In the my eBook, you’re going to see the ONE THING that I’ve used to create my own money system. You’ll learn not only the two biggest personal financial destroyers, but also how to overcome these! This will give you the power to create your own family’s financial dynasty.  

And you’ll see exactly what it is and how it works when you read my eBook.

But I’ll tell you something else.

NONE OF IT WORKS without the next thing you’re getting, and that is


May I ask you something?

How many times in your life have you known exactly what to do ...and you’ve even wanted to do it ...but you just, well… didn’t?

Listen. I’ve done it too. We all have. We’ve all had an idea and we just put if off and didn’t follow through.

And the problem is that in so many cases, taking action and following through is the ONE THING that separates people who have have overcome their fears ...from those who don’t.

But I’ll give you a secret. The answer isn’t “more motivation.”

And it’s not some sort of “time management” program or anything else. And it’s certainly not a bigger “to do list”.

Instead it’s having a Simple SYSTEM for making sure you take action and are successful ...so you can get what you really want, fast. Once the system is in place, there is nothing left to do except enjoy your life and utilize your money and teach your family so they can enjoy it too. This is about building a true dynasty, one that can be used now and for generations. 

And when you get “WHY THE RICH DON”T DIE BROKE!”, you’re going to get the same system I use personally.

And once you have that, you’re ready for what might be the most important thing of all.

Something you can never lose, no matter what happens to the economy. No matter who’s in office. The ONE THING you can always depend on to get you what you want ...when you want it.

I’m talking about …

The Knowledge and Satisfaction knowing your money will never again be subject to the up’s and down’s of the banking or wall street system, ever again.  

But it is this one life lesson you’re about to learn. Your suspicions are correct,…there is a plan, a way, to utilize your money that is so tremendous the wealthy educate their families about it. Ironically, the “professionals” that tell you how and what to do with your money, they get to enjoy using your money to make money. Does that make good financial sense for you, or for your future? 

Your other suspicion is also correct, very few people know about these principles,… certainly they are not taught in college! Very few people have this system in place. However, many of the rich do because they are willing to be students of practices which work! Then they put it into practice over and over and over.

Here are two phenomenal components.. One, it is not difficult ...and two, it can be mastered at any age! I give you the recipe to follow, you can have the skill to take the next step by the time you are done reading “WHY THE RICH DON”T DIE BROKE!”..

So as you can see, this is going to be MUCH MORE Beneficial than you’re expecting.

I’m 110% positive you’re going to come away from reading this book saying, "This is hands down the single BEST read Ever!” I know it!

So Here’s What To Do Next:

Step 1: Download your copy of “WHY THE RICH DON”T DIE BROKE!” for FREE!

Step 2: Immediately start reading it.

Step 3: Do what is says and start your path to taking your financial life back today!

Thanks so much for reading this LONG page, I believe you probably found it informative. I think it is exciting to find someone, like you, who is interested in increasing their ‘Financial I.Q’ and improving their monetary future! I look forward to hearing from you soon!

To you and your family’s success,

S. Paul Horsley

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