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BankNotes | February 2019 Edition

What’s Inside:
Ryan [Griggs] Speaks at the Nelson Nash Institute Think Tank 2019
The Government Shutdown Reveals Another Reason to Abolish the TSA
The Nash Equilibrium Minimum Wage Is Zero
Bastiat Can Help You Understand the Root of Our Disharmony
Why Steve Jobs, not Bill Gates, Was the True Education Visionary
George Washington’s State of the Union Address Holds Lessons for the 21st Century The Cure for Poverty

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BankNotes | January 2019 Edition

What’s Inside:
1. The Morals of Human Cooperation
2. What Educators Can Learn from “I, Pencil”
3. Richard Cantillon, the Most Important Economist You’ve Never Heard Of
4. Did Baby Boomers Ruin America?
5. The Myth of Intelligent (Government) Design 6. Why Most Academics Tilt Left

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BankNotes | December 2018 Edition

What’s Inside:
• Updating My Experience With Silver Coins
• Notes from the Cutting Edge of Finance
• Owners vs. Managers
• Why Bad Economics Makes Such Good Politics
• Leonard Read’s Vision of a Liberty-Loving Government
• Why Spiritual People Are More Inclined to Embrace Free Markets Than Materialists
• What the Economic Models of Nobel Laureate William Nordhaus Say on Climate Change
• Compulsory Schooling Is Incompatible with Freedom

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BankNotes | November 2018 Edition

What’s Inside:
• Pay Cash Or Use a Policy Loan?
• How Timber Subsidies Became Like “Crack for the Agricultural Community”
• Pattern For Federal Takeover of Your Business
• Misesian Destructionism: Then and Now
• Compulsory Schooling Laws: What if We Didn’t Have Them?
• Bastiat’s “The Law” Is a Symphony of Ideas That Can Teach Us Justice
• 5 Lucrative Jobs That Don’t Require a College Degree
• When Sears Used the Market to Combat Jim Crow

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BankNotes | October 2018 Edition

What’s Inside:
• More Pondering On Social Security
• The Idea That the Fed Is ‘Independent’ Is Absurd
• Who Owns the State?
• Spending Restraint Is Key to Avoiding a Greek-Style Fiscal Meltdowns, IMF Study Shows
• Political Change Starts with SelfImprovement
• Education Is Not a Right

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BankNotes | September 2018 Edition

What’s Inside:
“Is Life Insurance a Good Investment Now?” Part 2 of 2 by Robert P. Murphy
It’s More Important to Be American than to Buy American by Lawrence W. Reed
Why the Pledge of Allegiance Is Un-American by Tom Mullen
Feeling Grateful for Gratitude by Lawrence W. Reed
There’s No Such Thing as ‘the Will of the People’ by Donald J. Boudreaux
Parents Should Be Free to Choose Safer Schools by Kerry McDonald
The Difference Between Austrians and Everyone Else — In One Easy Chart by Jesús Huerta de Soto

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BankNotes | August 2018 Edition

What’s Inside:
Is Life Insurance a Good Investment Right Now? Part 1 of 2 by Robert P. Murphy
The Fact You Can Vote Doesn’t Make Government Abuse OK by Ryan McMaken
Inflationary Double-Talk by Henry Hazlitt
PC and the Bureaucratization of the Economy by William L. Anderson
Tariffs: Stealing Entrepreneurs’ Profits by Doug French
“Taxes Are the Price We Pay to Live in a Civilized Society” – or Are
They? by Jairaj Devadiga

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BankNotes | July 2018 Edition

What’s Inside:
IBC and Constant Compounding by Robert P. Murphy
Peter Bos and the Road to Freedom by David Gordon
Liberty as a Life Philosophy by Lawrence W. Reed
Why Unschoolers Grow Up to Be Entrepreneurs by Kerry McDonald
Nations Don’t Gain or Lose from Trade, Individual Traders Do by Robert Higgs
How to Captivate an Audience One Person at a Time by James Walpole
The Myth that Central Banks Assure Economic Stability by Richard M. Ebeling

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BankNotes | June 2018 Edition

What’s Inside:
Interest-Only Loans By L. Carlos Lara
Why Fractional Reserve Banking Poses a Threat to Market Stability by Robert P. Murphy
Work in the Private-Law Society By Michael S. Rozeff
7 Lessons Business Owners Can Learn from Austrian Economics by Fernando Monteiro D’Andrea
Saving — not Spending — Is the Engine of Economic Growth by Frank Shostak
Want to Be Valuable? Study History. Here’s Why
In a globalizing economy, the study of history is more relevant than ever. by Maarten van Doorn
Continuing to Ponder Income Tax and Social Security by R. Nelson Nash

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BankNotes | May 2018 Edition

What’s Inside:
The Hope of Victory By Bob Murphy
Purpose-Driven Learning Is the Only Kind that Lasts by Kerry McDonald
Belief in College Has Become Religious by Isaac M. Morehouse
John Bright Was the Voice of Victorian Liberalism by Nicholas Elliott, Lawrence W. Reed
What Happens When an MBA Student Raised in Communist China Reads Hayek by Barry Brownstein
Formal Education Doesn’t Lift Worker Productivity. So What Does? by Bryan Caplan
How the Closing of the Campus Mind Threatens Freedom by Barry Brownstein
Truth Is the First Casualty of Statism by Robert Higgs
Pondering and Ruminating about Income Taxes and Social Security by R. Nelson Nash

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BankNotes | April 2018 Edition

What’s Inside:
Why Banking Is No Ordinary Industry by Ryan Griggs
Trade Deficits and Fiat Currencies Robert P. Murphy 3 Economic Fallacies That Just Won’t Die by Luis Pablo de la Horra
Trade and the Rise of Freedom Thomas J. DiLorenzo
The Looming Mortgage Liquidity Crisis by Doug French
Why Passionate Educators Should Consider Leaving Academia by Isaac M. Morehouse
How the Founder of Dell Convinced His Parents It Was OK to Quit College by Derek Magill

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BankNotes | March 2018 Edition

What’s Inside:
Economists and the Emergence of Antitrust by Thomas J. DiLorenzo Bastiat Knew the Proper Limits of Government Force by Frank Hollenbeck
Fake Women and Phony Interest Rates by Doug French
Be Prolific. And Don’t Agonize Over Things Outside Your Control. by Zachary Slayback
New Book’s “Case Against Education” Is a Persuasive One by Logan Albright
Bye-bye Bismarck by Antony P. Mueller
Mercantilism as the Economic Side of Absolutism by Murray N. Rothbard

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BankNotes | February 2018 Edition

What’s Inside:
The Liquidity of the Life Insurance Industry by L. Carlos Lara
How Teaching Interferes with Learning by Peter Gray, Ph.D.
Insider Trading Laws: Ruining Lives and Markets by Douglas French
Should We Really Be Encouraging the Master’s Degree for All? by Richard Vedder
To Change the World, Change Yourself by Tony Fahkry
Liberty vs. the Constitution: The Early Struggle by Albert Jay Nock

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BankNotes | January 2018 Edition 

What’s Inside:
Why Do We Use Money? By Robert Murphy
The State’s War on Student Debtors Is Heating Up by Douglas French
Millennials Get It Wrong about Socialism by Benjamin Powell
The Road to Serfdom: What Is Past Is Prologue by Brittany Hunter
The Corrupt Origins of Central Banking by Thomas J. DiLorenzo
The US Constitution Was Never Necessary for Military Defense by Ryan McMaken
A Small Revolution by Jeff Deist
Pope Francis Is Mistaken about Free Markets By Robert Murphy

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BankNotes | December 2017 Edition 

What’s Inside:
An IBC Tax Strategy Part III By L. Carlos Lara
Hamilton Liar By Brion McClanahan
So This Is What Happens With Government Disaster Relief? by Jeffrey Tucker
The Bolshevik Great Experiment: 100 Years Later by T. Hunt Tooley
Parents Can Trust Kids to Teach Themselves by Dan Sanchez
State Coercion Is Intoxicating, Seductive, and Wrong by Omer Grigg
Education Is the State’s Greatest Tool for Propaganda by Brittany Hunter

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BankNotes | November 2017 Edition 

What’s Inside:
Cash Value vs. Death Benefit in Life Insurance by Robert P. Murphy
God Is a Libertarian by Jesús Huerta de Soto
This Is What a True Liberty-Loving Politician Would Look Like by Richard M. Ebeling
Murray Rothbard and the Deflation Bogey by William L. Anderson

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BankNotes | October 2017 Edition 

What’s Inside:
The Definitive Difference of the Nelson Nash Institute by L. Carlos Lara
The Man Who Kept the Flame that Would Illuminate the World by Dan Sanchez
Kids Don’t Need to Be “Well Rounded.” They Need to Be Passionate. by Kevin Currie-Knight
World War I and the Triumph of Illiberal Ideology by Matthew McCaffrey
Compulsory Schooling Is Incompatible with Freedom by Kerry McDonald
Maine Is Nullifying Federal
Regulations that Cripple Local Farmers by Chris Calton
Why Movie Viewers Should See “Tulip Fever” by Douglas French
Bastiat Is Common Sense Personified by John Tamny

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BankNotes | September 2017 Edition 

What’s Inside:
An IBC Tax Strategy Part II By L. Carlos Lara
The Great Recession, 10 Years Later by Richard M. Ebeling
Homeschoolers: The Enemy of Forced Schooling by Kerry McDonald
Leonard Read, Font of the Liberty Movement by Jeffrey Tucker
When Georgia Banned Football (Almost) by Lawrence W. Reed
Private Property and Higher Ed by Peter G. Klein
Here’s the True Definition of a Recession — It’s Not About GDP by Frank Shostak
The Violence in Charlottesville by Jeffrey A. Tucker
Why Cryptocurrencies Will Never Be Safe Havens by Mark Spitznagel

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BankNotes | August 2017 Edition 

What’s Inside:
An IBC Tax Strategy Part I by L. Carlos Lara
Fish Are the Last to Notice the Water by Paul Rosenberg
Why Bastiat Is As Relevant As Ever on His 216th Birthday by Mark J. Perry
Did Obamacare Really Save Lives? by Robert P. Murphy
The Second American Independence Day that Almost Was by Thomas DiLorenzo
When Governments Tried to Ban Coffee by Art Carden
Do You Know What a Nation Is? by Jeffrey A. Tucker
The US Is Not “One Nation” — And it Never Was by Ryan McMaken

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BankNotes | July 2017 Edition 

What’s Inside:
The Distinct Difference of IBC Practitioners by L. Carlos Lara
Any of These 3 Bubbles Could Be about to Burst by Alvaro Vargas Llosa
It’s Time to Privatize Our Stockpile of Crude Oil Robert P. Murphy
Richard Cantillon Is Sleepless in Seattle by Doug French
General Lee Speaks: Had it Figured Out by Fred Reed
The Human Mind Cannot Fathom the Full Cost of War by James Walpole
You Don’t Need Government to Help You Skip College John Tamny

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BankNotes | June 2017 Edition 

What’s Inside:
How Safe Are Insurance Companies? by L. Carlos Lara
The Devastating Rise of Mass Schooling by Kerry McDonald
The Pope’s Favorite Straw Man: “Individualism” by Ryan McMaken
Why Do People Become Communists, and Why Do They Stick With It? by Jeffrey A. Tucker

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